Are commissions open right now?

Not atm~ O3O
I don’t know when I might open them again but when I so I’ll announce it here first~ U3U

I wanted to get Phoebe, but I was too late. Will you do any bee/insect characters in the next auction?

Haven’t really thought of any more insectoids adopts atm actually~ ^3^;
But I’ll try to include some in the future~ OvO

Have you ever done commissions for people of characters they adopted from you?

Yea a few times~ OuO
It’s a pleasant surprise when it does happen~ ^w^
Like getting a visit from an old friend or something~ XD

I'd love some more cow girls if that's alright.^_^

Oddly enough I’ve actually been thinking about cowgirls, since the last batch of adopts and doing a few commissions with them, so yea I think yer wish might be granted soon anon~ XD

Out of curiosity have you ever thought of/done ghost characters?


Actually I have a huge affinity for ghosts, I’ve done a few ghost or spirit adopts as well~
Even one of my avatars Gammageist is obviously a ghost, also I have a bbw ghost character I’ve played around with before so I’ll probably post that up eventually~
But yea to answer your question, yes I love ghosts~ @w@

Chubby ladies, oneshota pairings, you're an artist after my own heart! Oh yeah, question... There any problem with asking for more? I'm not asking you to work harder... I just wanted to tell you that you do good work, and I want you to keep at it!

Aww thanks~ X3

And yea I don’t mind peeps giving suggestions of wat they’d like to see, I can’t promise I’ll get a chance to try every single thing, but I like trying stuff I never thought of as long as it allows for me to use my imagination~ OvO

For example, “more lizards” or “how about some chubby monkeys”, idk~ XD

I mean I don’t do specific character requests ever tho,just to make that clear~ ^^;

Hello! I was wondering why you don't make any males?!?

Idk actually~Ouo
I just been so caught up with the chub ladies~ XD
But I’ll consider throwing some male adopts up in there~

Also there’s gonna be more boys and guy stuff, I got just a hella ton of that stuff I just haven’t been able to finish really~ O~O

Just gotta clear out all da last commissions I owe, oddly enough no one hardly ever commissioned boys but a few times, so if there hasn’t been a lot of boys or guys I’d chalk it up to that since I been focusing most on commishs~ ^w^

But if you guys want some boy adopts let me know, scream to the gamma heavens for boys and they’ll rain from the sky~ XD

Color sketch commission for Finalmagic  of his OC Katt, looking adorable~ ^^
One of the last few commishs I have left~ OuO

Color sketch commission for Finalmagic of his OC Katt, looking adorable~ ^^
One of the last few commishs I have left~ OuO



Gamma here again with another batch of adoptables this time big a mega bbw batch~ OwO

$15 for each character

Just send a email to (( )) saying which ones you want, and after I have confirmed your request, I will give you the email of where to send your payment. (DO NOT SEND PAYMENTS TO GAMMAFINISHER)

Afterwards I’ll send you a solo pic of the character and a certificate with your username or whatever you want to go by. Stating that the character is under your ownership.
I’ll update this post as availability changes.


First come, first serve~

Thanks~ >uO




Thanks to everyone that bought one~

Hey if your going to do anymore adoptable characters, what can we expect?

Actually idk know really~
What I think up is so random sometimes tbh~ O~O
But I’m gonna be releasing another batch next Saturday tho, which will be mostly bbw monster girls and furries really~
So if ya missed out there’s still a chance ya can get something ya like mayb~ OuO